Sustainable Land and Water Resources Management in Hablehroud project, in its second phase, aims to achieve an appropriate Watershed Comprehensive Management Model for arid and semi-arid areas of the country through strengthening intersectional coordination among different stakeholders and implement participation-oriented local processes.

 “The ultimate goal of this project is based on developing comprehensive management of renewable natural resources.”

 It shall not be possible to realize such achievements without enhanced participation of all stakeholders and users of natural resources and the best strategy in this regard is intellectual investment on students and future generation of the watershed to promote enhanced participation of the local community. They can secure the economic, social and environmental condition of watershed in the future through raised sensitivity on sustainable use of natural resources. Therefore, the operational framework of this approach has been provided for training students of Hablehroud watershed in Garmsar township of Semnan province during 2013-2014 academic years by National Forests, Range and Watershed Organization and United Nation Development Program. A clear path including phases and steps are provided for the implementation process of the project to raise awareness in the stakeholders awareness and “Abangah” is selected as the experienced consultant in this process.